Pearson is proud to introduce Pearson Prentice Hall Literature – an exciting literature program for grades 6-12 designed to meet the needs of all learners!

Pearson Prentice Hall Literature has been built “Better by Design”. Success begins with the unique organization of the program that allows skills and concepts to be taught to mastery through an innovative approach of grouping content thematically, by skill focus, and genre. Complete coverage of standards have been incorporated into an effective and manageable teaching plan for teachers. Highly engaging visuals and contemporary lesson designs have been carefully crafted into the program to ensure students will be easily engaged and stay highly motivated as they experience outstanding literature, poetry, and contemporary media.



Reasons to Choose Prentice Hall Literature

  • Leveled Readers
  • PHLit Online
  • Big Questions
  • Engaging Design
  • Reality Central–Nonfiction Anthology

Prentice Hall EssayScorer
powered by Write to Learn.

Designed with Today's Teachers in mind, Online Essay Scorer Powered by WriteToLearn™ makes writing fun, interactive and enjoyable for students and teachers!

  • Evaluate essays immediately, with automated and specific feedback
  • Targeted instruction to improve student writing
  • Create your own writing prompts

Bring Media to life In your literature classroom!

Today’s students experience media messages in countless ways—from feature films to the Internet to handheld devices. But students often lack the tools they need to evaluate the information in those messages. Prentice Hall Media Studio is a media literacy program that helps students analyze and make sense of the media they see every day.


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