Foundations Series: Economics ©2010

Foundations Series: Economics

Content Accessible

Designed for students reading near a sixth grade level.

  • Foundations Series: Economics curriculum is aligned with Prentice Hall Economics.
  • Embedded reading support: Explicit reading strategies, vocabulary support, and a carefully written and designed student page make this a book students can read.
  • Essential Questions: Instruction and assessment are organized around an Essential Question that explores the big ideas of Economics.
  • Economics Online Student Center: Students access both on-line textbooks, plus rich media learning tools that include downloadable audio and video resources.
  • Economics Online Teacher Center: All teaching resources are conveniently organized online and include interactive presentation tools, editable teacher resources, assessments, and instructional management tools.
  • Engaging Personal Finance Handbook: Students prepare to become responsible economic decision makers in their personal lives. This handbook in the Student Edition is supported by full lesson plans, worksheets, tests, Web Quests, and motivating real-life illustrations.
  • Differentiated teaching resources: Teachers can quickly choose from multiple levels of worksheets and assessments found on the Online Teacher Center and on the Resource Library CD-ROM.

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Foundations Series: Economics 1-Year Student License