Research and Validity

Proven Results With Miller & Levine Biology!

The Research Study—Behind the Scenes
Cobblestone Evaluation, an independent research firm, conducted a scientific study to assess the effectiveness of Miller and Levine Biology™ in helping students attain critical science skills during the 2009-10 school year. The study employed a randomized, control trial (RCT) design and was designed to address all standards and criteria described in the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) Study Review Standards. The achievement gains of students using Miller and Levine Biology™ was compared to gains of students using other Biology programs.

The RCT was conducted in 79 classrooms of geographically and ethnically diverse schools in the states of IN, NC, OK, OR, and WA. The students were assessed at the beginning and end of the school year with the Stanford Achievement Test 9 (SAT9).

Successful Results with Miller and Levine Biology™!
In only- the first year of use, students using Miller and Levine Biology™ with fidelity significantly outperformed their comparison group peers using other Biology programs.

Analyses of subpopulations indicate that students of all ethnicities and language proficiency levels experienced significant gains in science achievement when using Miller and Levine Biology™, with students classified as Hispanic or Limited English Proficiency experiencing particularly large gains. This may indicate that Miller and Levine Biology™ is contributing to closing the achievement gap for students in the area of science achievement.

Equally as important, students using Miller and Levine Biology™ rated their curriculum more favorably than students using other Biology programs. Specifically, students highly rated the visuals, ease of comprehension, and vocabulary in Miller and Levine Biology™.

Click here to download the full efficacy study report.