Teachers agree... Miller and Levine Biology™ works!

  • “I love the book. I think it is very user friendly. There’s just some much information and so much things that you can really tailor to what you need for the class, you kind of pick and choose. I’ve had parents who have advanced degrees in science make comments about how great it is.”
  • “I think this is the best text book we’ve had. I think that they’re making things interesting by adding the chapter mysteries; I think that’s a really good way to start. The activities in the lab manuals; some of those are really good. It’s well designed.”
  • “I think it [the Big Idea] focused them in on what [is] the significance or what are we getting from this. I think it makes the teacher’s job easier overall.”
  • “I think that the [interactive tutorials online] is one thing that’s really strong about the Miller & Levine program. My students are always more engaged when technology is involved. I can tell them go online and do this visual analogy, that’s a lot more powerful.”