Informational Videos

Informational Videos

Listen as digits users share their impressions on teaching and learning with an interactive Common Core digital curriculum. (Run time 3:08)



Learn the basics about digits. Includes author and teacher commentary. (Run time 2:35)



Explore the unique interactive design of digits lessons, including drag-and-drop activities. (Run time 3:11)



Fun Videos

Kids in their own words: students explain why they like learning with digits. (Run time: 0:49)



Put your hands up - and get your grades up - with digits! A fun song about the program. (Run time 2:12)



Teacher Videos

Find out how digits and using technology turned Margaret's teaching around. (Run time 0:43)



In the beginning, I was unsure... Now, this is one of the best years of teaching I've had". Learn why Jerry's 7th grade students are so drawn in to digits. (Run time 0:50)



Rachel (6th grade teacher) saves time with digits' lesson structure and autograded homework. (Run time: 0:26)



Learn how Jerry, a 7th grade teacher, is increasing student achievement and reaching students who were left behind in the past. (Run time 0:43)



Digital homework supports help kids AND parents at home - see why Jerry (7th grade teacher) believes this is a great feature of digits. (Run time 0:52)



digits cut planning time for this 6th grade teacher - learn how. (Run time 0:16)



Principal Videos

See why this principal appreciates how digits' real world problems increase student engagement. (Run time 1:15)



This principal believes digits embodies true 21st century learning. Find out why "this one program has everything you want" (Run time 0:45)



Cooperative groups, rigorous academic vocabulary, and teacher/student engagement all add up to data that shows kids are really moving along. (Run time 1:22)



Student Videos

digits is "more funner". Nija explains why she pays attention in her math class now. (Run time 0:15)



See why Kaitlyn likes getting instant, autograded feedback - and tips to get the answer right - on her homework assignments. (Run time 0:20)



Griffin likes the portability of digits - even on a road trip! (Run time 0:12)



"digits has a little extra teacher on the computer". See why 7th grader Nija likes individualized learning. (Run time 0:16)



Ratios almost stumped Kaitlyn, but she explains how digits helped her learn even challenging math concepts. (Run time 0:22)