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Scott Foresman Social Studies meets the way you teach and the way your students learn! From reading & writing, to hands-on activities and technology, we've got the materials you need to help all students succeed.



Connecting is all about activating prior knowledge and jumpstarting your students’ journey into social studies. Essential Questions help students see the “big ideas” they’re learning about, and activate prior knowledge. They allow students to engage in an active discussion of what they already know about the topic, but also encourage them to think further. Check out the links below for examples.

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Scott Foresman Social Studies offers a variety of ways for your students to think critically about key concepts—through reading, hands-on activities, and technology—so they actively experience the world they live in. Providing multiple ways to experience the content allows teachers and students to personalize learning. Check out the links below for examples.

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Developing true understanding means that students don’t simply memorize facts, dates, and places. It means taking what they’ve learned and transferring that knowledge to new content, situations, ideas, and to their own lives. The goal is to help students become successful learners who will remember not only what they have learned, but how to learn more!

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  • Historian’s Apprentice Workshops
  • 21st Century Skills Tutor
  • Success Tracker
  • Agents of Change Citizenship simulations


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