Connect with myStory. Help adolescent learners make personal connections to content and make meaning of the world around them.

Experience Social Studies. Provide interactive digital activities, hands-on activities and stunning books to engage students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Understand your World. Leverage the Understanding by Design instructional approach to bring students to a deeper understanding of their world that they can demonstrate through real-life assessment tasks.


The myStory videos provide engaging stories from some of the most compelling and eventful times in the history of our world. myStory seeks to hook students to the content they are learning through graphic novel myStories and animations.

The myStory videos range from 2-4 minutes per video.

myWorld is based on the UbD™ framework for curriculum, assessment and learning. The UbD™ framework encourages teachers to focus on careful planning with a focus on the long term goal of student understanding rather than the short term goal of content coverage/instruction. It is designed to foster a deep understanding by preparing students for what they can do without prompting or after the teacher is gone. Most importantly, the UbD™ framework is focused on big ideas framed as Essential Questions. This methodology helps students find greater meaning in their learning by connecting content so students move away from discrete facts and skills and into a deeper level of understanding and knowledge about the subject at hand. In practice, the UbD™ framework results in students that are more engaged in learning and better able to connect their learning to other areas and their own lives so they form a deeper understanding that sticks.

A provocative question designed to engage student interest and guide inquiry into the important ideas in a field of study.

The important ideas or core processes that have lasting value beyond the classroom.

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Activity-based/project-based learning is an essential piece of myWorld as research finds that middle school learners learn best by doing. Hands-on activities are embedded in the student materials, supported throughout the ProGuide, and extended through an Activity Kit that consists of Activity Cards, Essential Question Posters, and Wall Maps.