Help students grasp English usage concepts

Basic English builds and reinforces basic language skills. The high-interest, easy-to-read lessons keep students involved as they learn parts of speech and sentence construction. Frequent examples and activities throughout offer abundant practice.

Emphasize skills students need every day

Basic English is ideal for students who need extra help with language concepts, or those who are learning English as a second language. The program provides clear instruction with the building-blocks of English usage. Clearly written explanations and relevant examples make learning easy. Plenty of skills practice reinforce lessons on parts of speech, writing skills, and advanced skills such as developing themes and ideas.

Engaging format

Colorful pages, high-interest graphics, and life-relevant examples and exercises keep students engaged. Short lessons, along with Goals for Learning and Chapter Reviews, reinforce and link new concepts.

Lexile Level 650
Reading Level 3-4
Interest Level 6-12

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