Our Discovery Island makes learning English a memorable, exciting experience by harnessing the fun and excitement of a fantasy online world with sound ELT methodology. Every level of the course presents students with a quest which leads them on an exciting journey on a weird and wonderful island.
The online world of Our Discovery Island recreates a digital environment today’s kids are naturally drawn to, guiding them in their English learning through a real desire to play, explore, create, and interact. And the more they ‘play’, the more they ‘stay’.

  Whole learner:   Adventures on themed islands develop cognitive, emotional, and social skills.  
  Authenticity:   Kids feel really comfortable and happy playing and practicing in the online world.  
  Repetition:   Songs, chants, and games reinforce essential vocabulary and grammar practice.  
  Motivation:   Stories, characters and activities engage learners. 

Our Discovery Island – where learning is an adventure!