Features and Benefits

A personalized path for every student

  • Four modules for targeted instruction.
    • Fundamental (grades 4-6)
    • Basic (grades 6-9)
    • Intermediate (grades 9-12)
    • Advanced (grades 10-12+)
  • Diagnostic tests to help students assess their own strengths and weaknesses and keep them focused on skills that need improvement.
  • Individualized study plans for every student that are updated after each activity.
  • Mastery-based format for combined reading skill and Lexile-level appropriate reading instruction.
  • A variety of ways to access, understand, and apply each topic to meet diverse learning styles:
    • Direct instruction
    • Animated tutorials
    • Illustrative models
    • Thousands of exercises
    • Multiple assessment opportunities
    • Lexile-leveled readings and activities
  • A Gradebook that allows both student and teacher to monitor progress based on discrete skill, combined skill, and lexile reading levels and see results!