The authors of Lectura Scott Foresman are nationally recognized experts, practitioners, and researchers. Their research continues to help identify the critical components that are essential for teaching children Reading.

George M. Blanco
Professor and Advisor for Bilingual Education University of Texas Austin, Texas 

Flora Rodriguez-Brown
Professor of Urban Education University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, Illinois


Jim Cummins
Professor in the Modern Language Centre Department of Literacy and Language Development University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Graciela P. Rosenberg
Professor of Bilingual/ESL Education University of Texas Brownsville, Texas


Elena Izquierdo
Assistant Professor College of Education University of Texas El Paso, Texas 

Howard L. Smith
Assistant Professor of Bicultural Bilingual Studies University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio, Texas


Bertha Perez
Professor of Education & Bicultural Bilingual Studies and Associate Dean for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences University of Texas San Antonio, Texas