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Technology tools to Enhance, Engage, and Enrich the teaching and learning experience.

Check out the technology ranging from online activities, videos, slideshows and much more.

Resources include:

Success Tracker™
Presentation Express
Interactive Textbook

Virtual ChemLab CD-ROM

Students can perform and extend a variety of labs that correspond to Prentice Hall Chemistry. Teachers and students can use the simulated lab environment to do virtually any lab they could do in a real lab.

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Create Dynamic presentations using PowerPoint slides, videos, and participatory activities. Ready-made presentations mean just one click and you're on your way!

With the NEW easy-to use Presentation EXPRESS you'll be able to:

  • Deliver visually exciting content to your students
  • Meet your aggressive course objectives
  • Review chapter content
  • Demonstrate and practice crucial problem solving skills

Ready-made presentations use colorful graphics and animations to illustrate key concepts and are easily tailored to meet the needs of all of your students!

Referenced right at point-of-use in the Student Edition, iText with Chem ASAP! uses animations, simulations, self-assessment, and step-by-step problem solving tutorials to help students understand chemistry concepts and master problem-solving skills.

Dynamically bring difficult-to-understand concepts to life.
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Allow students to manipulate variables, observe results, and draw conclusions.
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Opportunities are plentiful, with more than 500 varied and interactive assessment questions.
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Tutorials provide 100 detailed solutions to practice problems in the text.
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Prentice Hall's interactive textbooks offer the same trusted content as your print textbooks—making it easy to transition from textbook to technology. The interactive textbook, available online and on CD-ROM, engages and motivates all learners with:

  • Activities, videos, and slide shows—making difficult concepts easy to understand
  • Built-in reading support with audio
  • Instant-feedback assessments



Success Tracker™ is an online, formative assessment and remediation management system. It makes data-driven instruction with personalized remediation practical for all your students through time-saving, automated tools.

With Success Tracker™ reaching all students is now within reach.

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