Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) is a dynamic, computer-adaptive assessment in language arts and mathematics for children in Pre-K through 3rd grade. The CPAA helps teachers screen, monitor progress and improve early literacy and math skills. Every response a child provides can change the course of the assessment; if a child has difficulty with a particular question, a follow-up question is asked. This patented error analysis identifies a child’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) across a range of concepts. Then, activities are automatically recommended in areas where instruction and intervention will be most effective for that student. CPAA is designed to be used three to six times throughout the school year. Detailed narrative and graphical summary reports are provided immediately, showing how individual students and entire classrooms are doing in meeting expectations.

Children’s Progress Academic Assessment helps teachers quickly focus on where they can improve children’s early literacy and math skills.  Learn More.