Features and Benefits

MyFoundationsLab helps student reach more moments of true understanding that lead to better results in the classroom and beyond.

The initial diagnostic sets a personalized learning path for every student to focus on the discrete skills that they need the most help with. The robust learning environment of pre-built and customizable assessments is richly supported with interactive learn- ing activities, multimedia learning aids, and multiple opportunities to practice and apply skills to mastery. Gradebook features allow students to instantly monitor their own progress and teachers to access the data they need to adjust and inform classroom instruction.

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The College Board and Pearson have partnered to offer ACCUPLACER®//MyFoundationsLab!

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Teachers and Administrators can:

  • NEW! Track a student's reading ability and progression throughout their course with the incorporated Lexile® Framework for Reading
  • Provide anytime, anywhere targeted remediation
  • Map and customize MyFoundationsLab content to align with curriculum and course objectives
  • Assess individual and group performance to inform data-driven instruction
  • Copy, share, and manage courses within a school or entire district
  • Differentiate instruction to ensure learning is equitable
  • and accessible to all student
  • Engage students in their own learning and develop the skills expected in college and in the workforce

Students can:

  • Work in a personalized learning environment and focus only on the areas where they need help.
  • Receive instant feedback as they learn and apply new skills
  • Increase proficiency levels at their own pace
  • Access the differentiated instructional support that is right for them

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Support beyond the software

When you purchase MyFoundationsLab, our dedicated team of services and support professionals will be there to ensure your needs are met from implementation to technical support and professional development so you always get the maximum benefit from this powerful solution.

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