Features and Benefits

  • Prentice Hall's unique Instant Check System™ is built-in way to ensure that your students make progress every day, in every lesson.
  • Green means go!  Built-in help gives students the green light to succeed.  No other math program provides ongoing, embedded student support like Prentice Hall Mathematics.  Throughout every lesson, "Go for Help" icons point the way to a helping hand.
  • Differentiate instruction with ease  All Prentice Hall Mathematics resources are coded by Special Needs, Below Level, All Students, Advanced, and ELL.  Adapted Student Resources help you meet every student's needs.
  • Teacher Center and Student Center technology.  Only Prentice Hall provides complete support for you and your students in one location!  These powerful resources bring your teaching to life and support students working independently.


Setting the Standards for High School Mathematics

Proven Results

Proven Content
Prentice Hall offers a legacy of strong mathematics publishing to provide you the content you need to cover, in the sequence that you want.

Proven Author Team
Our superior team of authors bring a wide variety of expertise and background. Their influence is seen on both the common pedagogy and the smooth content development.

Proven to Work
Independent research shows, unequivocally, that our program works. Students achieve higher test scores and have an improved, more positive attitude about mathematics.

Accessible Approach

Accessible to Students
The built-in support, carefully worked out examples, and the right amount of practice ensures all students have equal access to the content.

Accessible to Teachers
Find the most comprehensive support for differentiating instruction and superior planning, teaching, and assessment tools.