Features and Benefits

Writing America includes:

• a brief rhetoric designed to teach students how to read critically and analytically

• extensive composition support to help students write forcefully, correctly, and effectively

• a substantial anthology of essays, charts, and images

• coverage from American literature and culture from the 17th century to the present

• an experienced author team who reveals the principles of rhetorical theory and rhetorical analysis

• robust practice and test prep that underlies success on the AP exam and in challenging high school and college courses.

 The anthology is organized into six sections, representing six periods of the history of American literature (including non-fiction prose, fiction, poetry, and visuals), and each section contains contemporary selections that take up the themes and issues raised by the primary texts. Full, in-depth, and comprehensive coverage of the theory and practice of rhetorical analysis, synthesis, and argument is explored with a focus on developing critical engagement with the variety of texts students read and produce, while also providing sound theoretical and critical knowledge.