Features and Benefits

  • A rich mix of selections from around the globe includes more than 450 of the greatest, most teachable poems.
  • Writers on writing sections offer commentary from noted authors such as Gwendolyn Brooks, Adrienne Rich, Robert Frost, and Rhina Espaillat on their craft, influences, and inspirations.
  • Author photos of major poets humanize writers for students.
  • Chapter 16 “Poetry in Spanish: Literature of Latin America” provides students with the opportunity to experience poetry in a different language (and translation) and see how literature represents and illuminates a different cultural experience.
  • Three extensive casebooks—two author casebooks and one new masterwork casebook on a single significant work—provide a wealth of material for in-depth study and research projects.
  • Generous and insightful writing coverage is evidenced through 7 sample student papers, writing advice in every elements chapter based on the chapter topic, and a final section, “Writing” with chapters on the writing process and specific suggestions for how to write about poetry.  
  • Thorough critical coverage is provided with 31 critical excerpts interspersed throughout the casebooks and in a comprehensive survey of ten major schools of literary criticism in the back of the text.