Features and Benefits

Personalize Learning with MySkillsLab®
MySkillsLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.

  • Diagnostic Testing: MySkillsLab’s diagnostic Path Builder test comprehensively assesses proficiency in reading skills as well as basic grammar, sentence grammar, punctuation and mechanics, and usage and style. Students are provided an individualized learning path based on the diagnostic’s results, identifying the areas where they most need help.
  • Progressive Learning: MySkillsLab’s learning path offers Open sequence or Preset sequence. The Open sequence allows students to freely access all resources and assessment at any point. The Preset sequence prompts students to build knowledge by first reading, viewing, and listening to instructional material before they can move forward to a series of activities and then a post test. This progressive path from preparation (Overview, Animation) to literal comprehension (Recall) to critical understanding (Apply) to written knowledge (Write) to mastery (Posttest) is not available in any other online resource. MySkillsLab enables students to truly master the skills and concepts they need to become successful readers and writers.
  • eText: The In Concert, 2e eText is accessed through MySkillsLab. Students now have the eText at their fingertips while completing the various exercises and activities within MySkillsLab, including those specific to this text.
  • Activities and Readings from the text: Students will have access to activities from the text including: writing assignments, checking your comprehension, strengthening you vocabulary, post tests and all readings from the text.

Features of the text:

  • A truly integrated approach to reading and writing
  • NEW! Single-source focus: Discussions of writing techniques primarily relate to a single source, so students can connect what they have just read to what they are learning.
  • Extensive revision of the reading and writing process chapters to more fully integrate reading with writing and writing with reading. 
  • Reading and writing connections throughout
  • "Read and Respond" student essays that show annotations and model writing
  • "Read and Respond" essays written by professionals that offer reading and writing exercises in print and via MySkillsLab
  • Vocabulary Workshops after Chapter 1 to sharpen student word skills 
  • Thematic readings–Because an increasing number of instructors prefer to teach writing in the context of reading and responding to professional articles and textbooks selections, this edition includes a new Part Five, titled “A Thematic Reader: Writing in Response to Reading.”
  • Pedagogy that addresses the needs of all learners
  • Visual and engaging chapter openers
  • Learning Objectives tied to interactive summaries
  • Linked writing exercises
  • Idea maps in many chapters for visual learning enhancement
  • "Need to Know" boxes that summarize key concepts and strategies
  • A Grammar Handbook in the back of the book enables students to review grammatical principles and practice correcting errors.
  • Reading levels (Lexiles) are provided in the Annotated Instructor's Edition for all readings.