English Language Learners

English Language Learners make up the fastest growing K-12 student population in the United States. Reading Street provides effective instruction that gives these students opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write at their current levels of English development while gradually increasing the linguistic complexity of the English they read and hear, and the English they are expected to speak and write.


Not all ELL students read at the same level. That’s why Reading Street has ELL and ELD Readers—two books that show the same title, the same concept, the same illustrations, but different language levels. The ELD Reader is for Beginning and Intermediate English proficiency levels. The ELL Reader is for Advanced and Advanced High levels. The Teaching Guide helps you to offer targeted instruction for all English Language Levels.

ELD Reader
Beginning &
Intermediate Levels

Lesson Plan

ELL Reader
Advanced &
Advanced High Levels


Featured Author: Jim Cummins


Led by ELL expert Dr. Jim Cummins, Reading Street provides daily leveled ELL lessons and scaffolded instruction based on the 5 ELL principles. These principles broaden the entry point for children of all proficiency levels. Learn more about Dr. Cummins and the 5 ELL principles below.

Biography | Monograph | 5 ELL Principles



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