Table of Contents

Unit 1 Foundations of American Government
EQ: What should be the goals of government?
Chapter 1 Principles of Government
Chapter 2 Origins of American Government
Chapter 3 The Constitution
Chapter 4 Federalism

Unit 2 Political Behavior: Government by the People
EQ: In what ways should people participate in public affairs?
Chapter 5 Political Parties
Chapter 6 Voters and Voter Behavior
Chapter 7 The Electoral Process
Chapter 8 Mass Media and Public Opinion
Chapter 9 Interest Groups

Unit 3 The Legislative Branch
EQ: What makes a successful Congress?
Chapter 10 Congress
Chapter 11 Powers of Congress
Chapter 12 Congress in Action

Unit 4 The Executive Branch
EQ: What makes a good President?
Chapter 13 The Presidency
Chapter 14 The Presidency in Action
Chapter 15 Government at Work: The Bureaucracy
Chapter 16 Financing Government
Chapter 17 Foreign Policy and National Defense

Unit 5 The Judicial Branch
EQ: What should be the role of the judicial branch?
Chapter 18 The Federal Court System
Chapter 19 Civil Liberties: First Amendment Freedoms
Chapter 20 Civil Liberties: Protecting Individual Rights
Chapter 21 Civil Rights: Equal Justice Under Law

Unit 6 Comparative Political and Economic Systems
EQ: How should a government meet the needs of its people?
Chapter 22 Comparative Political Systems
Chapter 23 Comparative Economic Systems

Unit 7 Participating in State and Local Government
EQ: What is the right balance of local, State, and federal government?
Chapter 24 Governing the States
Chapter 25 Local Government and Finance