Balance all you do in your literacy classroom.

Good Habits, Great Readers™ is a comprehensive balanced literacy program from authors Adria Klein, Doug Fisher, and Nancy Frey. The program provides a balance of flexibility and structure to support literacy learning through whole-group (Shared) and small-group (Guided) instruction.

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards


Balance literature and informational text.

A balance of quality texts support Common Core rigor. Students will develop content knowledge in science, social studies, and other content areas.


Balance reading and writing.

Shared Reading and Guided Reading lessons provide a wealth of strategies, ideas, and options. Use just what you need! The writing strand supports a writer’s workshop curriculum.


Balance assessments for strong results.

Ongoing assessments and Assessment Cards help you evaluate students individually or in small groups. Performance-based Assessments align to Common Core State Standards.

Balance print and digital resources.

Is your school ready to take a digital path? An amazing array of digital support includes online activities, animations, games, and customizable lesson planners.


“The most effective way to transfer to other content areas is to have high degree of nonfiction starting in Kindergarten and continuing across the grade levels.”

Dr. Adria Klein
Program Author


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