Features and Benefits

Building the Foundation for Literacy

The centrality of vocabulary has become increasingly clear as has the need for a comprehensive, language- and knowledge-rich approach to instruction.”

David K. Dickinson, Ed. D, OWL program author, Vanderbilt University's Peabody College.

To learn to read, children must become aware of the sounds of language.  Within OWL’s integrated pre-K curriculum, is an emphasis on literacy and oral language development.  Each day, students are exposed to new vocabulary as they play with words, sounds and letters.  Literacy Circle provides explicit instruction and playful practice in oral vocabulary, phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge to build the critical skills that are needed in order for children to learn how to read.  

Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction

Pre-K children are surrounded by math.  It's everywhere.  When they count how many children are in class, when they tell how old they are, or when they use shapes to complete puzzles, they are engaging in math.  Although math is incorporated throughout OWL lessons, Math Circle is the time where children specifically focus on math.   OWL 2011 is the only comprehensive Pre-K curriculum to offer a double dose of math every day. 

Math Instruction in OWL covers the following strands:

  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis
  • Measurement
  • Numbers and Operations
  • Patterns

For extended mathematics support, purchase Nita's Notebook and Nita’s Pre-K Playbook.

Intentional mathematics practice with literacy connections to OWL tradebooks and manipulatives.

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Integrated Science and Social Studies Concepts

Pre-K children need time to play and experiment.  They are curious about the world they live in.  Science and Social Studies Circle gives children an opportunity to investigate the world around them and the people and things in it.  Through teacher-guided exploration, students will observe, identify, categorize and describe their experiences as they learn about physical science, life sciences, earth and space and health and safety.

As pre-K children begin to better understand the world they live in, social studies activities provide an opportunity for children to learn how their world is organized.  OWL’s comprehensive pre-k curriculum introduces students to families and communities, geography and citizenship and simple economic concepts.  Through activities and discussions about these topics, students learn how to become good citizens.