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Taking it Digital

Serving as the digital offering of the entire program, offers cutting-edge digital instruction with a seamless transition from the textbook.


myEnvironmentalScience for Teachers is the “one-stop-shop” for all your planning, teaching, and assessment needs. This easy-to-manage interface offers every thing you need to manage your class, track progress, customize your own teaching style, and most of all—reach and teach your students in new and exciting ways.

  • Online Lesson Planner: Customize and save lesson plans, assign digital activities, and plan your week’s teaching schedule—all in one place.
  • Gradebook Functionality: Assign, automatically grade, and track student progress for a wide range of online student activities and quizzes/tests.
  • Bellringer Videos: Generate excitement in class with two- to five-minute ABC News Videos related to each Chapter’s content.
  • Editable Documents: Generate the assignments you want with our trusted content. Customize lesson plans, labs/activities, study worksheets, and assessment to meet your needs.
  • Also available on Lesson Overview PowerPoints, Image Library, Online Lab Manual—Teacher’s Edition, Teacher’s Edition Online Textbook, Teacher’s Guide to Fieldwork, and much more.

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Deliver environmental science lessons to your students where they live in the digital world at This “go-to” site for unique online-only activities captures students’ attention, keeps them focused, and makes science relevant. Whether in the class, at home, or on the go, your students can support and extend their learning in a medium they know and enjoy.

  • 3-D Geo Tour: Take your students on a virtual field trip to the Central Case location.
  • Take It Local: Data collection and reporting activities focused on a local environment.
  • Extend the Central Case: ABC News articles expand on the Central Case.
  • Real Data: Interact with data-focused scenarios.
  • Graph It: Build graphs using real data build and explore their implications.
  • Map It: Explore and interpret interactive maps.
  • Online Student Edition