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The High School Physics Program

A Three Step Approach

Conceptual Physics features and the concepts-before-computation approach pioneered by Paul Hewett. The program provides comprehensive content and a three-step learning cycle that builds conceptual understanding and offers computational reinforcement.

1: Spark Interest

• Ignite your students' interest with powerful examples that connect to their lives
• Simple hands-on activities bring physics concepts to life

2: Expand Understanding

• Engaging, dynamic text
• Vivid demonstrations

• Examples reinforce understanding to help students think critically
• Ancillaries that set the stage for learning, helping you spend less time planning and more time doing what you love—teaching physics!

3: Put Concepts to Work

The third step of the conceptual learning process is to apply concepts through laboratory work, problem solving, and discussion of critical-thinking questions. It is this step that fully integrates physics concepts and allows true learning

• Lab participation
• Critical Thinking Exercises
• Practice Problems and Investigations

Develope a Solid Understanding

A wealth of opportunities for a solid understanding of physics

• Student Edition
• Teacher's Edition
• Lab Manual, SE
• Lab Manual, TE
• Concept Development Book SE and TE
• Problem-Solving Exercises in Physics
• SE and TE Online

• Probeware Lab Manual
• Chapter Tests
• Next Time Questions
• Transparencies
• ExamView CTB
• Conceptual Physics Alive! DVD and Videos

Student Edition

-Student Express (available online and on CD-ROM)

Teacher's Edition

-Teacher Express

Laboratory Manual

Core Teaching Resources

-Chapter Tests
-Laboratory Manual, Teacher's Edition
-Virtual Physics Lab
-Guided Reading & Study Workbook
-Concept Development Practice Book
-Next Time Questions
-Problem-Solving Exercises in Physics
-Probeware Laboratory Manual, CD-ROM

Concept Development Practice Book - Student Edition

Problem-Solving Exercises in Physics - Student Edition

Transparencies Package
ExamView® Test Bank CD-ROM
ActivPhysics I Workbook CD-ROM
Interactive Journey Through Physics CD-ROM
Conceptual Physics Alive!
Complete Video Package
Conceptual Physics Alive! The SanFrancisco Years
Best from "Conceptual Physics Alive!"
Conceptual Physics Alive! 10 Disc Set
Vol. 1 - 10 also sold separately

Teacher Demo Kits
Fully Correlated Demo Kit
-Unit 1: Mechanics
-Unit 2: Properties of Matter
-Unit 3: Heat
-Unit 4: Sound and Light
-Unit 5: Electricity and Magnetism