Pearson enVision A|G|A Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Math Program for Grades 7-12 Webinars

4/9/2020 Rethinking Math Problems in Secondary Math
Rethinking Math Problems in Secondary Math: Given all the technology “tools” such as Google, Wolfram-Alpha, and Chegg amongst many others that students use to do their math problems and homework, it is time to rethink the problems/homework we assign students in secondary math classes. This session will provide examples where students are challenged to solve deeper problems and asked to create mathematics where Google is of little help.
On-Demand Author Webinar: Increase Student Learning and Engagement Using Desmos with Dr. Eric Milou
Change the nature of school mathematics by engaging students in more active mathematical practices. In this webinar, Dr. Eric Milou will show you how to use Desmos to get your students experimenting, investigating and problem-solving! Bring depth to students’ learning and encourage them to ask questions rather than only looking for answers.