Pearson Auténtico Spanish Program for Grades 6-12 Auténtico Webinars

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On-Demand Inquiry Learning in the Spanish Classroom. Just C.L.I.Q. It!
This session will provide ways to incorporate strategies that promote Critical Thinking, Literacy, Inquiry and Questioning in the Spanish Classroom.
On-Demand Reaching All Students in the Spanish Classroom
How can we reach all students in our classrooms – students who come in with different language abilities and with varied learning styles? This session demonstrates practical ways to help all students accomplish our goals. Using authentic resources, including art and music, we will explore ways to differentiate instruction and appeal to many students. We will also consider strategies and best practices we can use to develop interpersonal communication. Come to hear new ideas and see new resources and to share your own best practices!
On-Demand Using Comprehensible Input in the Spanish Classroom
This session provides practical strategies,best practices and tools to further incorporate comprehensible input into the Spanish Classroom with support for both students and teachers.
On-Demand Performance-Based/Project-Based Learning in the Spanish Classroom
This session will show how to make the most of project-based learning in your classroom to fully engage students and enable them to be better equipped to show what they CAN DO with language in the Spanish classroom.
On-Demand Differentiation in the Spanish Classroom
This session will provide strategies to support diverse learner populations in the classroom as well learning styles. In addition you will have the opportunity to share your classroom strategies.
On-Demand SUMMER FUN! Auténtico Tech Takes and Auténtico University
Come for some fun in the sun where learning is always encouraged and rewarded! Join us as we explain about our free, innovative mini PD series, Auténtico Tech Takes and the exciting new Auténtico University.
On-Demand Lucy Amarillo - Growing Proficiency with IPA's and PBA's
This session will provide an overview of what IPA's and PBA's are and how to use them effectively in the classroom to enhance World Language learner's proficiency and assessments.
On-Demand Siempre Aprendiendo Series: Successful Preparation for AP Spanish Exams
This session demonstrates strategies and resources to successfully prepare students for the AP Spanish language and culture and literature exams. We will explore ways to incorporate authentic resources, compare cultural perspectives, and develop literacy skills needed for the exams. We will examine resources that can be used and discuss best practices of all participants.
On-Demand Día de los Muertos
Join us to see how the use of authentic resources can motivate our students to use Spanish in and beyond the classroom.
On-Demand Session 6-Webinar: ¡Cultura viva! Hispanic Americans Who Make an Impact on Our Society
This session will highlight notable Hispanos and ways to incorporate them into the Spanish speaking classroom with contexts that are relevant and meaningful to today’s students and the ways they like to learn and interact with the world.