By 2025, one in four K-12 students will be an English learner. SIOP® is the only research-validated framework for planning and teaching lessons that help English learners—and all students—better access content.

Developed by Dr. Jana Echevarría, Dr. MaryEllen Vogt, and Dr. Deborah Short, the SIOP® Model is the only empirically-validated model of sheltered instruction and is a proven framework for teaching both academic content and language skills in ways that are more effective for English learners.

When implemented to a high degree, SIOP® is proven to:

  • increase student achievement
  • accelerate academic language development while
    promoting content learning
  • deliver results aligned to district objectives
  • prepare students to become college and career ready

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What Do the Authors Say About SIOP®

 People often say, ‘Well, SIOP® is just good teaching, so I can use it for all my students.’ And that is true. We have many schools that use the SIOP® Model for all students. But there are features that are absolutely critical for English learners. It’s the only empirically validated model of instruction for English learners.  

–Dr. Jana Echevarría
SIOP® Author


 A number of schools are using SIOP® as a school improvement model. They provide SIOP® Professional Development to all of their teachers. They recognize that even though SIOP® initially began with English language learners, it is also effective with all students, particularly those struggling with academic language and literacy.  

–Dr. Deborah J. Short
SIOP® Author


 Once teachers learn how to implement the SIOP® Model well in their classrooms, we find that they are so enthusiastic about teaching because they have fewer students who are having difficulty. We have also found that the incidences of disciplinary problems and classroom management issues are greatly relieved because the students are so highly engaged throughout their lessons.  

–Dr. MaryEllen Vogt
SIOP® Author


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