History You see, feel, and Care about

Discover the "liquid gold" of Ancient Greece as you follow an Athenian Oil Trader. Step inside the homes of the working classes during the industrial revolution. Navigate through a WWI trench to experience life on the front. Project Imagine: World History is a modular, digital companion program for your World History classroom. Fully immersive activities and compelling primary sources let students literally reach out and Be Part of History. With Project Imagine, your students won't just study history—They'll experience it first hand.


Immersive Experiences
Make History Personal.

Your students will experience history through immersive learning experiences that engage with primary sources.

  • 360° Virtual Reality
  • Role Plays
  • Decision Trees
  • Opinion Polls
  • Interactive Maps & Timelines

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Flexible Modules for your world history class.

Project Imagine lets you explore key time periods from world history.


Award-Winning Technology

Project Imagine: United States History has been recognized as an innovator and trendsetter in the field of education technology.

Best of Show at TCEA
The edTech Awards: Cool Tool Finalist 2019

Discipline: Social Studies

Copyright: 2020

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Program Type: Supplemental

Delivery Method: Digital

Device: Tablet, Computer

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Funding Sources: SSAE Grant

Project Imagine: World History

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