Pearson Project Imagine United States History: Immersive Learning Built on Primary Sources

Project Imagine is a companion program for your U.S. History classroom. Using new technology, these supplemental modules contain immersive experiences driven by primary sources, so your students don’t just study history—they can imagine themselves there.

Be Part of History


Engage with Immersives

Immersive experiences have been designed to engage your students through primary sources and technology. Your students will experience history through 360° Virtual Reality, Role-Play, Map/Timeline, Decision Tree, and Opinion Poll!


Teach with Primary Sources

Interact with primary sources in a new way. Project Imagine has been built to teach students history through experience. We realize the need for strong pedagogy to support your students’ progress through the program. Primary sources such as videos, articles, interviews and more are the building block of the experience. A variety of primary sources appeal to all types of students.


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