California Miller & Levine Biology

Life in all its dimensions

The all new California Miller & Levine Biology is here! Developed by preeminent biologists and passionate educators, Ken Miller and Joe Levine, this blended print and digital curriculum was written specifically for California. Students are immersed in inquiry as they think, investigate, and talk about biology. They interact with phenomena through case studies, problem-based learning, and inquiry-focused lab experiments.

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Case Study: Where have all the Bees Gone? Honeybees are in danger -- and so is our food supply. What can be done to save them?

Investigate Phenomena

Making sense of phenomena is an active process. With this program, students approach biology as a sense making experience. Authentic case studies, laboratory investigations and digital partnerships drive inquiry-based learning. Regular encounters with real-world phenomena set students up for a lifetime of success by preparing them to ask questions, analyze evidence, develop critical thinking skills, and collaborate with peers.


Connect Learning

Diverse classrooms require multiple pathways for success. California Miller & Levine Biology provides critical reading support, visual aids, ELD strategies, self-monitoring tasks and a customizable online platform to improve concept understanding and student enjoyment.


Challenge Thinking

Students demonstrate they've mastered the key concepts by applying their knowledge to new problems. Watch students take ownership of the learning with the California: Spotlights—Problem-Based Learning projects. These projects enhance students’ science and engineering skills as they devise new solutions for a project they’ve designed. Students embark on a path of interactivities, STEM projects, labs, authentic readings to gather evidence as they work to solve a real-world local problem.