Literacy Navigator ©2012 consists of a series of lessons that reflect the latest research on reading comprehension in which students learn strategies for reading informational text.  With flexible modules that tackle the demands of Common Core State Standards, students will develop the necessary skills that take them beyond their independent reading level.

Designed for grades 4-8+, Literacy Navigator is carefully matched to the levels of both the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) and the Qualitative Assessment of Text Difficulty.  This modular supplemental reading program helps students succeed at high-stakes reading assessments. 

Used as a supplement or as an intervention, Literacy Navigator is made up of five different levels, with 30 Foundations Lessons, 15 Word Study Lessons, and pre- and post- test assessments.  Pre-test assessments allow teachers to confidently place their struggling students in the level appropriate to meet their needs.  Checkpoints benchmark the progress students make as they complete each lesson.  Post-tests reflect the skills students have developed while completing the level.

The data from these assessments, along with the information gathered from daily progress monitoring, enable teachers to differentiate instruction based on individual learning needs. Assessment and Reporting Online (ARO), an Internet-based assessment system and reporting mechanism that supports America’s Choice programs, makes it easy for teachers to administer tests and generate reports on student performance.


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