OWL provides everything you need to ensure a high-quality Pre–K experience.

The new 2011 copyright of Opening the World of Learning features a comprehensive, integrated Pre-K curriculum in English and Spanish to make Pre-K count. Ten domains of learning (Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Emergent Literacy: Reading, Emergent Literacy: Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Development, and Technology) are integrated across the year through thematic instruction. Eight themes based in science and social studies topics provide integrated assessment and instruction to build children’s skills across the year.

The Comprehensive Pre-K Kit includes the following components in English and Spanish:

  • Planning and Assessment Teacher's Guide
  • Teacher's Guide Package Story Time Cards
  • Concept Word Cards
  • Amazing Word Cards
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Envision It! Retelling Storyboards
  • Ollie's Envision It! Learning Strips
  • Picture Cards for Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
  • Poetry Posters
  • Ollie Puppet
  • Ollie's Classroom Schedule
  • OWL Manipulative Kit
  • Sing Along Songs and Poems in English and Spanish Audio CD AudioText Audio CD
  • Ollie's Resources for Teachers and Families CD-ROM
  • Digital Teacher's Guide Plus! DVD-ROM
  • Interactive Big Books and Learning Games DVD-ROM Read Aloud Anthology
  • 32 Trade Books
  • 11 Big Books Read More About It Books
  • Ollie & Friends Readers

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