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11/5/2018 Counting: More than Just "1,2,3..."
Counting is more than memorization, more than one-to-one correspondence, and more than procedural skills. In this webinar, Dr. Juanita Copley will examine five principles for cardinality and counting.
10/31/2018 Integrated Word Study: Spelling, Grammar, and Meaning in the Language Arts Classroom with Marcia Invernizzi
There are three reasons for adopting a word study approach to spelling, vocabulary, and grammar instruction in a language arts program: (1) Word study provides the link to integrate and apply word-level skills within the context of reading and writing; (2) word study builds on the fundamental cognitive learning process of focusing on comparing and contrasting and brings this process to conscious attention; and (3) word study is hands-on, student-centered, developmentally appropriate, and fun. Word-conscious teachers link word study to reading and writing, provide a flexible sequence of instruction that includes instruction in grammar, text analysis, and writing; and provide hands-on, repeated practice with words and ideas. Word study makes explicit how spelling patterns and word structures reflect meaning and use.
10/30/2018 Mathematical Modeling Grades 6-12: Engage your reluctant learners!
Show in My Time Zone This session is geared for grade 6-12 math teachers. Dive into unique modeling lessons that present engaging, high-interest situations. Unlike traditional real-world problems, reality-based Mathematical Modeling lessons present students with the modeling conceptual category. Mathematics standards require that students identify essential variables in a situation, formulate a model from those variables, perform operations using the model, interpret the results of those operations, and validate the conclusions of those results.

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