Texas iLit20 Supplemental Literacy for Grades 4-10

Inspire readers. Increase practice. Give students access to thousands of high-interest, digital texts. iLit20 is a personalized, supplemental literacy program for Texas classrooms. The program encourages self-guided, independent reading and improves literacy skills. It builds reading stamina, silent reading skills, and comprehension through increased practice and increased complexity. Students can choose texts, listen to them read, and interact with content. They can track their reading progress, write reviews, and share recommendations. Inspire TEXAS LITERACY.

iLit20 for Texas


iLit20 Library

Create a Literacy-Rich Classroom with a High-Interest, Self-Selection Library, and Interactive Reading Leveled Library

  • Supports any core ELA Texas curriculum
  • Implement 15 to 20 minutes per day, 2 to 5 days per week
  • Delivers personalized, leveled instruction
  • Automatically tracks students’ reading growth
  • Improves literacy skills—for struggling readers to advanced
  • Flexible assignment management and grading options

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