A complete foundation for Forensic Science—Ideal for any introductory course

Forensic Science, Fourth Edition presents forensic science in a straightforward, student-friendly format that is ideal for students with limited backgrounds in the sciences. Students will find comprehensive coverage of crime scene procedures and processes, as well as the fundamentals of forensic science techniques in the crime lab. Specific forensic science applications are also included, such as document examination and computer forensics. National Science Education Standards are aligned with the chapter content to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of forensic science.


Inquiry is at the heart of forensic science 

In-text Quick Labs are hands-on activities that allow students to apply and experience key forensic concepts, and then apply critical thinking skills to answer review questions.


Real-world cases and career profiles provide practical insight into forensic science at work 

Case File features discuss cases of notoriety to demonstrate actual applications of forensic science to real investigations. Career Connections explore the roles and responsibilities of each forensic discipline. Additional Career Connections are featured in Chapter 21, Careers in Forensic Science.


End-of-chapter questions and activities empower students to face real-world scenarios with confidence.

Review Questions and Application and Critical Thinking exercises help students practice skills and check learning.