Supports the Creative Cloud version of Adobe Dreamweaver application

Learning Web Technologies gives students an in-depth introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver and other web design and development technologies. This book supports the Creative Cloud versions of the Adobe Dreamweaver application. Adobe Creative Cloud gives students access to the most up-to-date tools and features for all Adobe applications. Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC is an industry standard for web design and development excellence. Its powerful web programming features and intuitive interface make it easy to learn and simple to use for both beginners and professionals. 


Chapters are structured to make the learning process simple and enjoyable

Each chapter begins with a listing of topics that will be covered, followed by an overview of why those topics are important.


Hands-on exercises focus on guided learning to master skills and projects

Exercises feature a clear introduction, succinct numbered steps, helpful illustrations, tool icons, and Notes, Tips, and Warnings to keep students on track through each part of a project.


End-of-chapter activities, questions, and projects provide multiple opportunities for skills review

Review questions in both multiple choice and essay formats, Critical Thinking Projects, and Online Portfolio Builder give students the opportunity to apply newly learned skills to real-world projects and scenarios.

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