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On-Demand Juan Cabrera - Incorporating Complex Text and Primary Sources in the Classroom ›
This webinar will help you take the difficult task of incorporating complex text and primary sources into a successful one for your students. We will provide strategies, resources, and examples to help debunk the stigma that these items are too difficult for your students!
On-Demand Amy Winters - Utilizing C3 in the K-5 Social Studies Classroom ›
On-Demand Kathy Swan - The Wizard of Inquiry: Finding your own ruby red slippers ›
To unlock the mystery of inquiry one must go on an arduous journey….Only the truly gifted educator will be able to complete this odyssey. Hyperbole aside, social studies teachers might be experiencing fatigue as inquiry teaching and learning can sometimes be made to seem akin to reaching educational enlightenment. But, experience shows us that inquiry is how we learn best. Rather than thinking of inquiry as something new, we will spend time making current practices of inquiry visible. Then, we will spend time delving more deeply into the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) ( and the way in which the model helps to support both teachers and students engaged in inquiry
On-Demand Sarah Diczok - Differentiation in the Latin Classroom ›
This session will provide strategies to support diverse learner populations in the classroom as well learning styles. In addition, you will have the opportunity to share your classroom strategies.
On-Demand Linda Sangurima - Active Learning in the K-5 Social Studies Classroom ›
On-Demand Session 6-Webinar: ¡Cultura viva! Hispanic Americans Who Make an Impact on Our Society ›
This session will highlight notable Hispanos and ways to incorporate them into the Spanish speaking classroom with contexts that are relevant and meaningful to today’s students and the ways they like to learn and interact with the world.
On-Demand Session 5-Webinar: Building Literacy Skills Across the Proficiency Spectrum ›
This session will provide strategies and tools to build and develop literacy skills amongst a wide spectrum of student needs and across multiple proficiency levels in your Spanish Classroom.
On-Demand Yes, Assessment Should Guide YOUR Mathematics Planning and Teaching: The Formative 5 ›
This webinar will consider issues and challenges relative to everyday use of formative assessment in the teaching and learning of mathematics.
On-Demand Session 4-Webinar: Developing Cultural Perspectives Using Authentic Resources ›
Authentic resources are a wonderful tool to help your students develop cultural perspectives and deeper understanding of the products, practices and perspectives of the Spanish speaking world. This session will incorporate several tools, ideas, and strategies for you to incorporate these all important resources into your classroom.
On-Demand Session 3-Webinar: A Painting is Worth A Thousand Words: Integrating Hispanic Art into the Communicative Classroom ›
This session will show you how to use art communicatively as a vehicle for interpretive, interpersonal and/or presentational activities in your Spanish Classroom. This session provides ways to use art to have students think about the context of a painting and to wonder about the perspectives and practices while at the same time using it as a starting point for interactive, engaging activities.