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On-Demand Six Essential Strategies for Creating Effective Career Pathway Systems with Bill Symonds ›
Bill Symonds will explore how to use career development to create a more effective, efficient, and equitable education system for your school, district, or state.
On-Demand Going Digital with NCCERConnect ›
NCCERConnect is an online solution that brings all of the NCCER material and curriculum to life through assessments, muli-media, and a variety of interactive mediums. There are many different features within the NCCERConnect environment that enable you to implement a course, program, and trainings all over the U.S.

This presentation covers the benefits of going digital and how a Colorado-based company uses the NCCERConnect Program to offer an Electrical Apprentice Program to a wide geographic student population.
On-Demand Keishla Ceaser-Jones - Literacy + Social Studies = Empowered Students ›
Create confident and independent citizens by applying metacognitive reading strategies to Social Studies texts. Use informational texts and primary sources to practice important critical thinking skills that build content and academic vocabulary development and encourages students to support arguments with evidence. Learn strategies for students to demonstrate understanding through reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the classroom and beyond!
On-Demand Sarah Diczok - Inquiry Learning in the Latin Classroom. Just C.L.I.Q. It! ›
This session will provide ways to incorporate strategies that promote Critical Thinking, Literacy, Inquiry and Questioning in the Latin Classroom.
On-Demand Keishla Ceaser-Jones - It's About People: Building Perspectives & Empathy in the Social Studies Classroom ›
Make the historical past come to life for your students by creating historical perspective. Learn how to use primary and secondary source documents, sensory supports, and technology to immerse students into the study of the past to build relevant connections to the present. Develop personal connections while examining multiple and often conflicting perspectives of the past in the Social Studies classroom.
On-Demand Linda Sangurima - Investigating Social Studies Through Inquiry ›
This interactive workshop will demonstrate how inquiry learning provides students the opportunity to explore Social Studies topics through the analysis of primary & secondary sources to develop and support their arguments with evidence. Inquiry learning leads to the development of important literacy skills in all four communication strands. Participants will learn classroom strategies to incorporate collaborative inquiry learning.
On-Demand Kathy Swan - The Wizard of Inquiry: Finding your Own Ruby Slippers ›
To unlock the mystery of inquiry one must go on an arduous journey…Only the truly gifted educator will be able to complete this odyssey. Hyperbole aside, social studies teachers might be experiencing fatigue as inquiry teaching and learning can sometimes be made to seem akin to reaching educational enlightenment. But, experience shows us that inquiry is how we learn best. Rather than thinking of inquiry as something new, we will spend time making current practices of inquiry visible. Then, we will spend time delving more deeply into the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) ( and the way in which the model helps to support both teachers and students engaged in inquiry.
On-Demand Caroline Kelly - Interpretive Interpersonal Presentational Communication Modes in Latin Classroom ›
This session will provide an overview of the modes of communication addressed in the Standards for Classical Language Learning and demonstrate strategies for effective use in the Latin Classroom.
On-Demand James W. Fraser and Ted Dickson - Strategies for Success in your AP® U.S. History classroom ›
Techniques to help prepare students for the AP® Exam this May
As the AP® United States History Exam approaches, join James W. Fraser and Ted Dickson as they focus on techniques to introduce and reinforce several aspects of the current course framework. These strategies will help develop the History Disciplinary Practices and Reasoning Skills that students need to demonstrate on the AP® Exam in May.
On-Demand Lucy Amarillo - Growing Proficiency with IPA's and PBA's ›
This session will provide an overview of what IPA's and PBA's are and how to use them effectively in the classroom to enhance World Language learner's proficiency and assessments.