Digital Solutions

Meaningful Extensions to Technology

  Lesson planning has never been easier! TeacherEXPRESS provides instructional tools, and professional development to help you teach, plan and assess with ease. The program also includes correlations to state standards and electronic version of program resources.

  For students, StudentEXPRESS is their "everything source" for learning. The complete Interactive Textbook, featuring videos, vocabulary support, extension opportunities, extra practice, and homework help. Also available online.

  The powerful ExamView Test Generator allows you to quickly and easily crate an unlimited number of leveled practice worksheets and assessments.
  • Create and modify custom made tests with ease
  • Differentiate assessments easily by using the Adapted Test Bank Items created for special needs students
  • Add math images to questions by accessing the Math Art Gallery
  • Instantly translate any test into Spanish

Bringing the power of technology into your classroom!

Use the Texas Instruments appendix as well as tutorial and online resources to support the integration of the latest Texas Instruments handheld technology into your teaching. Students and teachers have access to online tutorials developed by TI to support the use of TI-Nspire technology in the classroom.


Personalized intervention for all students! Assess, diagnose, remediate, and report online.

Success Tracker™ is an online, formative assessment and remediation management system. It makes data-driven instruction with personalized remediation practical for all your students through time-saving, automated tools. With Success Tracker™ reaching all students is now within reach.

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