Features and Benefits

New organization targeting learning outcomes

  •  Revised - The text now consists of 15 chapters designed for a 16-week semester course. This amounts to one chapter per week, with one week left for review and the final exam.
  • Revised - The chapter structure now includes numbered sections correlated with numbered learning outcomes, providing a consistent, easy-to-follow template. These new sections are:

    • Anatomy

    • Physiology

    • Diseases

    • Laboratory, Diagnostic, and Radiologic Procedures

    • Medical Procedures, Drugs, and Surgical Procedures

  • New - A new design reinforces the new chapter structure for ease of use. Appealing and uncluttered, it includes an abundance of rich images and enough white space for note-taking.

Unsurpassed hands-on practice

  • Chapter review exercises give students practical insight into real-world healthcare tasks. Exercises include:

    • Analysis of real medical reports, with related critical-thinking questions

    • Role play activities prompting students to interpret a patient’s condition and describe it in medical language

  • Word-building exercises throughout each chapter focus on analyzing combining forms, suffixes, and prefixes. Students learn skills such as dividing and building medical words, forming plurals and adjectives of medical nouns, and distinguishing the meanings of sound­alike terms.

  • New - Brand-new Practice Laps give students practice as they learn, and ensure they have mastered content before moving to the next learning outcome.

  • Updated - An abundance of realistic, colorful images, which double as labeling activities, have been updated throughout the text. The images consist of medically accurate illustrations, and photographs of real patients and real health professionals in real healthcare settings.

Resources and visual aids

  • Revised - A reorganized Appendix A now combines all word parts and their meanings in alphabetical order to ease searching. The types of words parts (combining form, prefix, or suffix) are indicated by color shading of rows.

  • A glossary of medical abbreviations, acronyms, and short forms reflect the most up-to-date terminology.

  • A Career Focus section in each chapter introduces students to a healthcare practitioner who uses the medical terminology just discussed.

  • Revised - Enhancements to all the text and illustrations of the Anatomy and Physiology sections clarify the details of complex structures and functions.


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