Introduction to Electricity is written as a first text for students in electrical trade and electrical technology programs.


The text assumes that the reader has no prior electrical training, and is written at a level that makes it readily accessible to all postsecondary students.

From the start, Paynter and Boydell 's goal has been to produce a fundamentals book that students can really use in their studies.


The chapters follow a logical progression that begins with fundamental topics such as safety, electrical and electronic career paths, and test equipment, followed by electrical properties, units of measure, fundamental electrical laws, DC compo- nents and circuits, residential electrical wiring, magnetism, AC components and cir- cuits, three-phase AC, transformers, generators and motors, alternators, power transmission and distribution, green power, and copper and fiber optic cabling. These topics prepare the reader for the courses that follow while providing a solid foundation for both traditional and emerging electrical career paths.


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