A best-selling text covering what is means to be an early childhood professional in today’s world—from renowned author and educator, George S. Morrison.


This brief, reader-friendly introduction to the field of early childhood education has become a best-selling classic, appreciated for its practical, applied approach and its engaging chapter features that look at every aspect of the field of early childhood education—early childhood programs, professionals in practice, diversity strategies, technology issues, and ethical decision making. Young children’s unique developmental and education needs are covered from ages zero through eight in separate chapters on infants and toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and the primary grades. The book’s emphasis on professionalism throughout keeps the focus on meeting the needs of each and every child and providing up-to-date information and strategies to develop competent, informed early childhood professionals. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this edition offers a contemporary, accessible, user-friendly approach to all of the major topics, programs, and issues at the forefront of the field today, making it the perfect resource for a variety of courses in early childhood education.


Invigorate learning with the Enhanced Pearson eText

The Enhanced Pearson eText provides a rich, interactive learning environment designed to improve student mastery of content with the following multimedia features:

  • Embedded videos. Enrich the experience with the text by allowing readers to see real teachers in real classrooms, sharing their insights. The video examples are linked in the margin to provide illustrations of children’s development and learning, teaching strategies, views of early childhood classrooms, and many more insights into the real world of teaching young children.
  • Check Your Understanding of chapter content. Embedded assessments with feedback, including multiple-choice assessments at the end of each major heading, allow students to continually assess their understanding of chapter content and concepts.
  • End of Chapter Self-Check. Short-answer format Chapter Quizzes with objective feedback help students gauge their understanding of the fundamental concepts covered in each chapter. One question aligns to each of the chapter’s Leaning Outcomes and feedback helps reinforce understanding.