Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 182.5)

40301-09 Hazardous Locations (10 Hours)

Covers all classes of hazardous locations, including seals, components, and equipment approved for use in various hazardous locations.

40302-09 Electronic Components (10 Hours)

Introduces the principles of electronics and semiconductor theory, components, and applications.

40303-09 E & I Drawings (10 Hours)

Covers reading and interpreting of piping and instrumentation drawings, loop sheets, flow diagrams, isometrics, and orthographics, enabling trainees to identify types of instrumentation and the specifications for installation.

40304-09 Motor Controls (15 Hours)

Provides information on selecting, sizing, and installing motor controllers. Also covers control circuit pilot devices and basic relay logic.

40305-09 Distribution Equipment (17.5 Hours)

Explains distribution equipment, including grounding, switchboard and ground fault maintenance, transformers, and electrical drawing identification.

40306-09 Transformer Applications (7.5 Hours)

Discusses transformer types, construction, connections, protection, and grounding along with capacitors and rectifiers.

40307-09 Conductor Selection and Calculation (15 Hours)

Covers the types of conductors used in wiring systems, including insulation, current-carrying capacity, and temperature ratings.

NEW! 40308-09 Temporary Grounding (15 Hours)

Covers the methods used to eliminate or reduce electrical shock hazards to personnel working on electrical equipment.

40309-09 Layout and Installation of Tubing and Piping Systems (22.5 Hours)

Introduces piping and tubing layout procedures. Explains the steps in creating a hand-sketched isometric drawing that can be applied in the piping and tubing installation. Introduces methods and procedures used to measure, cut, bend, and support piping and tubing.

40310-09 Machine Bending of Conduit (15 Hours)

Covers all types of bends in all sizes of conduit up to six inches.  Focuses on mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical benders.

40311-09 Hydraulic Controls (15 Hours)

Provides an introduction to hydraulic principles and fluids, system devices functions and controls, hydraulic symbols and drawings. Covers safety considerations when dealing with hydraulic systems safety, and applications for troubleshooting.

40312-09 Pneumatic Controls (15 Hours)

Provides and introduction to principles of atmospheric and compressed air gases, and how compressors transmit and treat compressed (pneumatic) air. This module also covers pneumatic system symbols, drawings and system safety. Addresses the functions and control of pneumatic system components and provides guidelines for troubleshooting.

NEW! 40313-09 Motor-Operated Valves (15 Hours)

Covers motor-driven valves, ranging from the small, servo-mechanical actuators to the very large valves that could only

be operated by several people if they were not motor driven. Includes electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic operators.