It's the Next-GEN of Literacy Instruction

ReadyGEN is an integrated literacy program that supports your ELA classroom through highly engaging routines. High-interest text sets provide standards-aligned content and a vast range of authentic texts. ReadyGEN creates a lively, collaborative learning environment with trade books, digital storybooks, online gaming, and interactive texts. Daily routines give students the opportunity to use authentic literature as the springboard for their writing! At the heart of ReadyGEN is the reciprocity between reading and writing to promote student thinking and understanding. Rich discussions, team-talk, daily writing to sources, and close reading routines allow students to practice writing in response to literature every day. Are you READY to learn more? 

ReadyGEN Video
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Put authentic trade books in the hands of every child.
ReadyGEN Trade Books

ReadyGEN Monster World

Engage learners and practice skills with online gaming.
Enhance and extend learning with Interactive Anchor Texts.
ReadyGEN Little Pip

ReadyGEN Tikatok

Invite students to create their own digital storybooks.
Work faster and better with an online management system.
ReadyGEN Realize

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