Pearson iOpeners Literacy Program for Grades K-6

iOpeners is a nonfiction reading program that supports science, social studies and math curricula for kindergarten through Grade 5, and science and social studies curricula through Grade 6. The program offers nonfiction books and teacher support materials so that students not only learn to read but also read to learn.

iOpeners covers the following six nonfiction genres

  • informational text
  • biography/autobiography
  • nonfiction narrative
  • procedural text
  • reference
  • persuasive text

Student Books

Grades K through 5 of the program include thirty Student Books, and Grade 6 includes twenty Student Books. Ten books focus on science topics in the areas of life, Earth, and physical sciences, and ten books focus on social studies topics in the areas of world cultures, history, and geography. Additionally, in Grades K through 5, ten books focus on math topics in the NCTM Content Standards of Number and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis and Probability. All content is grade-appropriate and based on core curriculum standards.

In addition to Student Books, each title in kindergarten and first grade is available in a Big Book format to accommodate the shared reading instructional focus.

Teaching Plans

The Teaching Plans provide book-specific instructional opportunities in guided reading, comprehension, and accessing information from nonfiction text. Each Teaching Plan:

  • Identifies key nonfiction features
  • Defines vocabulary words that are key to understanding the text
  • Focuses on comprehension skills and strategies through questions and mini-lessons
  • Addresses ESL/ELL needs
  • Reinforces content-area connections through additional mini-lessons
  • Ties reading and writing through writing activities that model the genre

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