Medical Terminology, A Living Language, 3/e, Texas Edition


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Help students achieve comprehension of medical vocabulary appropriate to medical procedures, human anatomy and physiology, and pathophysiology

Medical Terminology: A Living Language provides health science students with a consistent, logical approach to building a strong medical vocabulary. Using a step-by-step approach, this book introduces students to the anatomy and physiology of the body systems and the corresponding medical terms related to them. For each body system, broad coverage of anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, and pharmacology is provided.

Streamlined chapters scaffold learning to make studying easier

  • Learning Objectives introduce the concepts and skills covered in the chapter for student mastery.
  • Word Tables study lists are categorized and presented in a clear, logical, color-coded format that eases the learning process.
  • Key Terms and Pronunciations begin every subsection.
  • Med Term Tips engage learners with tidbits of noteworthy information about medical terms.
  • Medically-Accurate Illustrations Concepts come to life with vibrant, clear, consistent, and scientifically precise images.
  • Practice Professional Skills and Critical Thinking exercises at the end of the chapter help students review content and practice their professional skills including Labeling Exercises, Chart Note Transcription, Medical Record Analysis, and Case Study scenarios requiring critical thinking and analysis.

New features strengthen the third edition

  • Updated, three-page chapter openers highlight the latest terminology in the industry.
  • The Terminology section includes a comprehensive list of all combining forms, suffixes, and prefixes used to build terms in the remaining sections of the chapter.
  • The Signs and Symptoms subsection within the Pathology table contains disease-related terms grouped by organ creating smaller groups for easier learning.
  • Improved formatting of word building sections displays the term, word parts (if appropriate), and definitions. The Pharmacology table now also includes word parts.
  • The Anatomical Terms section includes anatomical terms as well as adjective forms of organs.
  • Color-coded word parts—red combining forms, blue suffixes, and green prefixes allow for quick recognition throughout the book.
  • The Real World Applications section now contains three critical thinking activities (Medical Record Analysis, Chart Note Transcription, and a new Case Study) to allow readers to apply their knowledge to real world situations.
  • Contains many new terms—presenting modern usage related to anatomy, pathology, procedures, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Strong teaching and learning support for Texas

  • One-click navigation to TEKS! Use the Digital eText, Student and Teacher Editions, to quickly jump from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards (TEKS) directly to the content in the eText that fulfills that standard.
  • The Digital eText enables 24/7 access to the Teacher and Student Editions, Test Bank, PowerPoint, and Answer Key files, facilitating streamlined course set-up, class prep, and instruction.
  • Compatible with Thin Common Cartridge to facilitate single sign-on integration and rostering.
  • The Teacher's Wraparound Edition features customized instruction for more advanced, less advanced, special needs, at-risk, and ESOL students.

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