Pearson is proud to intro Auténtico - Your Path, Your World, Your Way!

Auténtico is the ideal blend of print and digital resources to help students develop Spanish language proficiency and cultural understanding.

Auténtico offers the following:
  • Scaffolded instructional approach to build language proficiency
  • Authentic resources that support language acquisition
  • Articulated sequence of instruction through Spanish 3
  • Balanced approach that combines vocabulary, grammar, culture, and communication
  • Digitally integrated instruction
  • Multitude of tools and resources that support diverse learners
  • Materials that support digital, print, or blended instruction
  • Engaging activities that keep students involved
  • Flexible personalized learning management system
  • Create, modify, rearrange, and link content!

Auténtico is an ACTFL standards-based middle school and high school Spanish program that integrates research-based communication strategies, rich support for differentiated instruction, engaging technology, dynamic authentic resources and real-world tasks and experiences that connect them to the Spanish-speaking world!


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  • My Pearson Training
Grants and Funding
  • SSAE Grant
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