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Feb 25, 2020
12:00 PM EST
Reading and the English Language Learner: Instructional Implications of the Research Evidence ›
Research tells us that it takes at least 5 years for English Language Learners to catch up to grade-level expectations in academic language skills. Join us for a webinar with world-renowned ELL and Literacy expert, Dr. Jim Cummins, where he will share evidence-based strategies to support academic achievement for English Language Learners in your classroom.
Feb 27, 2020
4:00 PM EST
The Three-Text Classroom - Dr. Judy Wallis, Educational Leader and myView Literacy Author ›
Join us as Dr. Judy Wallis explores effective reading workshop instruction divided into three sections: whole group instruction, small group instruction and independent practice and application. Tips and strategies will be provided regarding effective implementation the gradual release model during reading workshop.
Mar 03, 2020
4:00 PM EST
Cultural Relevance and Engagement in Secondary English Classrooms with Ernest Morrell, Ph.D. ›
Join author and professor Ernest Morrell as he shares best and research-based practices in creating cultural relevance and engagement in secondary English classrooms. Ernest has an extensive resume of experience on the topic and will share not only his knowledge, but his passion for the subject. Come learn, explore new ideas, and share your own classroom experiences with Ernest as he discusses how to make your classroom inclusive for all.
Mar 11, 2020
4:00 PM EST
SIOP: Strategies Component ›
Of all the SIOP components, Strategies is sometimes described as the most challenging because of its focus on the cognitive, metacognitive, and language learning strategies that learners apply flexibly when reading, writing, and speaking. Whereas some students master a variety of language and learning strategies almost effortlessly, other students, including English learners, benefit from explicit instruction and frequent opportunities to practice and apply strategies while reading, writing and talking about a variety of texts and topics. During this webinar, Dr. MaryEllen Vogt will demystify the Strategies component, while sharing practical, use-tomorrow ideas and activities that will develop elementary and secondary English learners’ (and other students’) strategic thinking abilities.
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On-Demand Six Ways To Know If You Are Culturally and Linguistically Responsive ›
The session will answer this question for you: Am I culturally and linguistically responsive? The phrase "culturally and linguistically responsive" has now become cliché, the death knell in education...
On-Demand The How of Word Study: 10 Essential Elements of Teaching Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling ›
What are the ingredients of effective word study instruction? In this session, Dr. Donald Bear will present 10 essential elements of teaching phonics, vocabulary, and spelling, including ways to organize learning and encourage student interaction and self-reflection. Dr. Bear will also share routines, and activities for implementing word study in the classroom at each developmental spelling stage.
On-Demand A comprehensive approach to teaching Spanish phonics, spelling, and vocabulary ›
In this session, Professor Lori Helman will share a developmental approach to word study for students learning to read and write in Spanish. Join Dr. Helman to find out how the sounds of individual letters and syllables, the patterns of spelling, and the meaningful units of language in Spanish provide a roadmap to help students reach high levels as readers and writers. Many connections will be made to the Spanish word study program Palabras a su Paso Salon de Clases and how it helps teachers implement effective word study in their classrooms.
On-Demand Words Their Way Author Webinar Series: Integrated Word Study - Spelling, Grammar, and Meaning in the Language Arts Classroom with Marcia Invernizzi ›
There are three reasons for adopting a word study approach to spelling, vocabulary, and grammar instruction in a language arts program: (1) Word study provides the link to integrate and apply word-level skills within the context of reading and writing; (2) word study builds on the fundamental cognitive learning process of focusing on comparing and contrasting and brings this process to conscious attention; and (3) word study is hands-on, student-centered, developmentally appropriate, and fun. Word-conscious teachers link word study to reading and writing, provide a flexible sequence of instruction that includes instruction in grammar, text analysis, and writing; and provide hands-on, repeated practice with words and ideas. Word study makes explicit how spelling patterns and word structures reflect meaning and use.
On-Demand Words Their Way Author Webinar Series: Transitional and Intermediate Learners - Exploring Single-Syllable to Multi-syllable Patterns in Words with Shane Templeton ›
There is more regularity to the spelling of sound in English than most students (and educators!) realize. Discovering this regularity benefits not only students' spelling but their reading as well. Beginning in the latter part of 1st grade for some children and in 2nd through 4th grade for most, this regularity may be discovered and learned through the exploration of within- and between-syllable patterns. Learners become aware of
On-Demand Daily Podcasts and Public Radio in the ELA Classroom ›
The myPerspectives English language arts program comes with a FREE subscription to Listenwise. Connect literacy students to real-world issues and build content knowledge across multiple disciplines.
On-Demand National iLit: From Practice to the Big Game: The Design Behind Gradual Release of Responsibility ›
Research-based strategies that pull our struggling students and ELLs up to grade level and put them on the path to success.
On-Demand MyPerspectives for California: MyPerspectives and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor in the Classroom ›
Learn how MyPerspectives lends itself to increasing rigor in the classroom by incorporating Webb's Depth of Knowledge.
On-Demand MyPerspectives and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor in the Classroom for California Pilots ›
Expand your knowledge of how MyPerspectives lends itself to increasing rigor in the classroom by incorporating Webb's Depth of Knowledge.
On-Demand MyPerspectives for California: Assessments from MyPerspectives ›
Explore the performance-based, formative and summative assessment opportunities in myPerspectives. Learn how to utilize the wide range of assessment options within myPerspectives to ensure your students are mastering standards and preparing them for the rigor of standardized tests.