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May 23, 2019
5:00 PM EST
Academic Vocabulary: Making it Accessible for Challenged Readers ›
The differences in the use of language in books and in conversations can make comprehension challenging for many students. For example, books have many more rare words than in typical conversations. Even common words (e.g., force, right) can take on unique meanings in content-area and literary texts. New insights into the vocabulary of text have resulted from digital analyses of tens of thousands of school texts. Join Dr. Freddy Hiebert, as she explores insights from this work that, when applied in classrooms, can help challenged readers understand how words work, while simultaneously supporting substantial growth in their vocabularies
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On-Demand MyPerspectives for California Pilots: MyPerspectives Overview for Districts Piloting ›
Ready to OPEN A WORLD OF IDEAS that engages next-generation learners culturally, socially, and digitally? MyPerspectives offers a relevant, student-centered learning environment with collaborative, independent, and accessible learning experiences.
On-Demand MyPerspectives for California: Digital Learning, Teaching, Assessment: myPerspectives on Realize ›
Let's take a digital dive into the myPerspectives Realize platform as we explore the digital components that bring the myPerspectives program alive to the next-generation learner. In addition, teacher tools and resources will be highlighted in this webinar.
On-Demand Author Webinar: Jim Cummins ›
Reversing Underachievement: Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction for English Learners
On-Demand Program Overview: Words Their Way ›
Words Their Way: Word Study in Action Developmental Model. Following the 5 stages of spelling development, this classroom-ready package features all materials needed to assist teachers to instruct in phonics, vocabulary, and spelling.
On-Demand Author Webinar: Sharroky Hollie ›
Recognizing the Differences between Race-Based and Culturally Authentic Texts
On-Demand Program Overview: OWL ›
OWL is a comprehensive, integrated Pre-K curriculum providing equitable content, resources, and literature in both English and Spanish.
On-Demand Author Webinar: Kevin Flanagan ›
Expanding Vocabulary Learning in Grades 6-12
On-Demand Author Webinar: Elfrieda Hiebert ›
Learning Words and Learning How Words Work: The Foundation for Reading Complex Text
On-Demand Author Webinar: Pam Allyn on Developing Superreaders ›
Every Child a Super Reader: 7 Strengths to Open a World of Possible
On-Demand Author Webinar: Pam Allyn ›
A Shift in Perspecive: from Skills-Based to Integrated Literacy