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INQUIRY IN RAIN FORESTS. Graduate-level professional development field course for teachers. Costa Rica, July 7–20, 2018.(Travel July 6 & July 21)

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Graduate-level professional development field course for teachers.

Costa Rica    July 7–20, 2018

(Travel July 6 & July 21)

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Inquiry in Rain Forests is an in-service program, and incredible field course, for teachers that aims to improve K-12 science teaching by helping teachers DO science – by conducting open-ended, inquiry-based research in Costa Rica.

Inquiry in Rain Forests harnesses the excitement and novelty of tropical ecosystems and organisms to inspire participants to develop their own field-problem-based activities. During these two weeks, participants become more confident in, and skilled at, true process-oriented, NGSS-style teaching, and in the development of teaching and assessment plans for use in classrooms. Teachers also receive training in filming and producing videos for use in teaching.

This course is certified for 2 graduate credits through the University of Costa Rica, and 96 CE/PD contact hours through the Organization for Tropical Studies.

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